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Senior Holding is a startup focused on creating value using traditional partnerships that share our values as well as equity-release partnerships acquisitions.​ Our goal is to bring innovation to the senior care industry and develop a global company based on caring for seniors by providing premier services. This idea started with our founder when his grandmother passed in his adolescence. Awareness that a fragmented industry dominated by many small companies often exhibits a lack of compassion, as well as limited innovation for practice, motivated our founder to envision a better experience for seniors and their families who have to rely on the existing delivery systems. Senior Holding is focused on creating an environment that will allow the families of seniors to avoid the negative outcomes experienced by our founder and his family when they were dealing with issues in the existing senior care industry. Senior Holding sees an opportunity to achieve its goal in two areas of the senior care industry- Senior Home Services, and Nursing Care Facilities


Our reputation as a reliable partner and counterparty must be demonstrated and sustained regularly. Everyone is treated with respected  by Senior Holding. We hold ourselves accountable to high-performance goals by working tirelessly and cooperatively to achieve our aim of influencing industry standards. These principles are at the heart of the Senior Holding culture, and they enable us to carry out our investment plan successfully.

Our Goal

To execute what others have put off, which is to provide premier service to the elderly market, serving all needs through a variety of techniques and a range of health services.

Equity- Release Partnering

We recognize that long-term management owners focus on the continuity of their business and that retaining control of their company is desirable in any decision to bring in an outside shareholder. Senior Holding is a dedicated majority investor with over 100 years of experience in working with operational experience

Our role is to collaborate with companies as well as acquire for the future growth and development of Senior Holding. We achieve our vision in different ways. Some typical situations where we help family-held businesses are :


  • Providing liquidity to shareholders – allowing owners to release some of the value they have built in their business without surrendering control.

  • Accelerating growth plans by sharing vision and risk.

  • Seeking and executing transformational acquisitions.

  • Increasing levels of equity for management.

  • Introducing key resources such as new executive management, non-executive directors, and access to new customers, suppliers, and financing sources.

  • Assisting in estate planning and the generational change in the ownership and management of the company.

  • Replace for management if required based on performance


The Group of companies which included in Senior Holding and its subsidiaries, operates in a range of constantly, rapidly evolving institutional, economic, political, social and cultural contexts.

In light of the complexity of the situations in which we do business, it is important to clearly define the core set of values that Senior Holding.

This is why Senior Holding has developed this Code of Ethics which contains a set of principles and rules that are essential for the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of Senior Holding.

The Code of Ethics seeks to ensure that propriety, fairness, integrity, loyalty and professional rigor guide transactions, conduct and the way of doing business both inside and outside the company, by placing respect for the laws and regulations in the countries in which the Senior Holding operates, as well as respect for company procedures, at the center of attention.

The Board of Directors of Senior Holding., in accordance with best-in-class corporate governance standards, adopts this Code of Ethics in order to affirm the aforementioned principles of ethics and transparency, as well as to reconcile the search for competitiveness with the need for fair competition.

Senior Holding shall closely monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics by preparing adequate means of information, prevention and control and ensuring that the transactions and conduct engaged in are transparent, intervening, where appropriate, with corrective measures and, in cases of violations, disciplinary sanctions.

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