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“We elevate the industry standards with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for those who laid the foundation“.

Mission Statement


Senior Holding is on a mission to improve a fragmented industry as well as innovate modern-day practice on a global level for the senior care industry.

Senior Holding is a start-up focused investment 

currently in the Palliative Care and Nursing Care Facility industry. Senior Holding is based in Texas.


“This can model can revive an industry referred to as a bed-pan industry and bring old methods to be updated to 2022 standards.”

Miguel Herrera

“The assisted living industry seems unattractive compared to other business market models, however through Senior Holding board background in the industry  as well as past results; without a doubt I believe in this venture.”


“The actions that Senior Holding start-up founder has focus is on the what can we dorather than focus, what's not possible."

Annet Mendez

Contact Us

Texas Based  |  Tel: 210-859-1321

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